As a parent of a Tae Kwon Do student, your major responsibility is to provide a stable, loving and supportive environment. Parents greatly contribute to the the success of the child and the club as a whole. This environment will encourage your child to continue with Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do.

Remember to show interest in your child’s attendance by viewing or joining in, in class training or coming to gradings and championships. Parents are also encouraged to participate by volunteering in club activities. Talk to your instructor if you’d like to help out.


  • Be liberal in providing support
  • Support but do not push your child
  • Be realistic in terms of expectations
  • Emphasise performance and effort, not just outcome
  • Encourage and reward your child
  • View Tae Kwon Do as an avenue to illustrate integrity, commitment, perseverance and spirit


Q. Are you qualified to teach Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do ?

Each instructor has personally been taught and assessed by Master Moon Lee and the clubs senior instructors. Instructors are required to be a minimum age of 18 years or appropriate maturity and of Yee Dan ranking. Therefore each instructor has had a minimum of 7 – 8 years training and experience.

Q. Do you have a blue card ?

Yes. All instructors are qualified and hold a blue card license under the Queensland Governments Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian (CCYPCG) blue card system.