Within the club, rules and regulations are imposed for the safety, respect and consideration of others.
Below is a list of practices each student is encouraged to adopt as part of their Tae Kwon Do training.


Etiquette is the foundation of the personality, which is shown by the person’s nature and actions. Etiquette comes from a good, clean mind, displaying the qualities of modesty and respect. To achieve this, a person must forget about any mean manner. Speech and conduct should be gracious and gentle.

When entering or leaving the training hall (Dojang), students should show respect by bowing; symbolising acknowledgement of the sanctity of the training space. Students should then proceed directly to the instructor (Sabomnim) to announce their arrival and inform of any injuries or issues that may impact their training capabilities.

In addition, it is common practice to bow to a training partner, prior to, and at the conclusion of general training practice. Strict respect and attention is to be given to the instructor at all times.


Students should not slouch, lean on walls, or sit in an inappropriate manner.

Students should be punctual, arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the commencement of class. If late, observe etiquette by moving to the front of the class and bowing to the instructor. You will then receive instructions to either first warm up or join in with the class.

Practice only the forms (poomsae) which you have been taught. Do not practice those of a higher ranking. No sparring should be conducted without the instructors’ permission.

Techniques must never be used outside of the training hall for any reason, except in self defence involving the safety of yourself or others.


The Tae Kwon Do uniform (dobok) is designed to fit for free body actions and movement during training. It is believed the colour of the uniform signifies the purity of all colours, as well as a state which can absorb any kind of learning. The following presentation rules apply during training.

Uniforms are to be white, clean and pressed with the Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do badge securely attached. Strict adherence to the uniform applies.

Students’ belts should be tied correctly prior to entering the training hall. No belts should be hung over shoulders. Clothing worn under the uniform should be of a white colour; white undershirts are permitted.

Training is conducted in bare feet. Feet should be clean before stepping into the training hall, with shoes placed in a designated area.

Jewellery is not permitted while training for safety reasons. This includes watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets or rings.

Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene; toe and fingernails to be trimmed and kept clean. Students should be well groomed with hair tied back.


A dojang is a formal place of learning where students of all ages and physical ability can learn the art of Tae Kwon Do. Students’ conduct and behaviour must, at all times, demonstrate respect to the hall. This conduct and behaviour extends to all public places where a student may be wearing the Moon Lee Tae Kwon Do uniform.

Students must not fold arms while in uniform.

Personal belongings must be safely stored in a designated area. This includes sparring equipment, water bottles, shoes, etc.

Smoking is strictly prohibited within or near the training hall.

No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed prior to training. Students will not be permitted to train and will face disciplinary actions by their instructor.

Students must take pride in the appearance of the dojang and assist with keeping it neat and tidy at all times. This may include storage of tables / chairs and the assembly and disassembly of training mats.